Water Treatment


 Pre-treatment Filtration System

Dual Media Filter / Membrane Filtration System / Ion Exchange Towers
Dual Media Filter


Fully automatic dual medium filter that uses anthracite and sand

Application Examples
Removal of suspended solids/side filters for cooling tower circulating water

Fully automates process from flow filtration to filter media cleaning (backwashing).
Incorporates air backwashing into the backwashing process, to efficiently eliminate captured suspended solids. Demonstrates stable treatment performance.
Membrane Filtration System


High grade treated water and stable supply that uses a compact capillarymembrane

Application Examples
High grade treatment of all types of water/pretreatment for RO equipment/water for all types of cleansing/water for manufacturing beverages/food

Utilizes a PVDF membrane that offers superior contamination resistance and strength. Provides high grade treated water quality and high velocity flow. Uses air backwashing to drastically reduce the amount of water used per backwashing cycle. Rotates through three channels as it cleans, allowing it to continuously supply water even as it backwashes. (Rotation cleaning is a function provided by the PF-24 through 48GS-V series.)
Ion Exchange Towers


Pure water treatment equipment with excellent regeneration efficiency, and significantly reduced regeneration time and wastewater quantity

Application Examples
Water for cleansing in the electronics industry/water for all types of cleansing/water for boilers/water for beverage and food manufacturing

Using weak anion resin with the OH type ion-exchange tower can further improve
regeneration efficiency. (SM-RW series) Adding the optional H type ion-exchange tower (H2 column) or the OH series ionexchange tower (OH2 column) to the following stage can further increase treated water quality. We also offer a lineup of discrete type Kurita Ion-Exchange Tower-SM units that use simulation technology to select the ideal tower diameter based
on the raw water load.

Products & Services 

Ultra Filtration Series

Effluent Treatment Systems

Pretreatment System

  • Grey Water System
  • City Water System
  • Natural Water System
  • Seawater System
  • Wastewater Recycling System
  • Membrane Bioreactor System
  • UF Grey/City/Sea Water Systems
  • Waste Water Recycling System
  • Membrane Bioreactor System
  • Batch Treatment Plants
  • Continuous Treatment Plants
  • Clarifier Flocculator Plants
  • Multi-media Filter (MMF)
  • Activated Carbon Filter (ACF)
         (on a standard, modular and packaged basis
         with varying capacities including UF, RO and
         IX/Demineralization Systems)


Air Purification


  • Horizontal Cross-Flow Scrubbers
  • Vertical packed-Tower Scrubbers
  • Volatile Organic Carbon Scrubbers
  • Filtration membranes
  • Metering Pumps
  • Online Analysers
  • Other 3rd Party Products